"Quality means doing things right when no one is watching you."

Henry Ford

We find the most suitable solution for your technical and economic needs.

We offer a 360° service in the field of energy generation.

We operate in the main industrial sectors all over the world both on-shore and off-shore.

We supply all necessary spare parts for
Marelli Motori and

Who we are

Milano Generatori srl was born from a company with twenty years of activity in the electrical and generation industrial plant sector. Despite the experience gained in this sector, the company vision is oriented towards specialization in the field of electric power generation and more precisely of generating sets.
This company manages to be professional and dynamic at the same time thanks to the specialization of its technicians divided between electrical and mechanical in order to be able to intervene on the main gas and diesel-based generation units.
Our company works every day to grow and stay up to date, inspired by the standards of large companies both in terms of safety and the quality and variety of services to be offered to our customers.


Our first responsibility is towards those who decide to use our service, whatever we do must satisfy their requests and above all it must be of high quality at the right price;
To do this, our employees and collaborators work in groups where everyone must be considered as a person, where the dignity and rights of each must be respected;
We have the duty to answer for the errors we have committed, there is no single error but a collective solution to the problem;
Analyzing our work we must try to improve more and more in order to offer an optimal and safe service for our customers;
Safety and the rules of the art are a cornerstone for our work group;
Our way of acting is aimed at keeping the assets we have the privilege of using in good condition, safeguarding the environment and natural resources;
The company must make a reasonable profit by creating reserves for difficult times;
Our employees must have the opportunity to experiment with new ideas to improve our service and the quality of working life;
Operating with these principles will result in a fair economic and moral profit;
Any form of corruption is not tolerated.

Daniele Orsini

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