Try to offer our customers a single point of reference for maintenance activities and more generally techniques on generating sets, therefore we have expanded our offer by analyzing the most common services related to electricity generation.

The main services offered to date are:

Ordinary maintenance of generating sets

We are able to provide 360 ° maintenance packages for gensets in how equipped both to carry out interventions on the engine and electrical parts and command.

Extraordinary and corrective interventions

We support the customer in the selection, procurement and replacement process
electrical and mechanical components. We are able to supply spare parts from the main manufacturers in the sector.

Commissioning of diesel power plants

We have decades of experience in the commissioning of diesel power plants of all powers and of all types (from the stand-alone power plant to the parallel network power plant).

Thermographic analysis

Through targeted research we can identify or even prevent
certain types of faults without having to shut down the plant.

Insulation test and impedance measurement

We are able to cover the insulation test and impedance measurement on a wide range of equipment thanks to the multiple test instruments purchased and dedicated to this purpose.

Analysis of the electrical network

Thanks to the high technology of our equipment we are able to supply the
customer a detailed report as well as log files of all required measurements and
carried out.

Emissions analysis on industrial engines

Thanks to dedicated training we are able to carry out analyzes in accordance with current regulations
emissions regulations.

Vibration analysis

We are able to carry out vibration measurements with portable online instrumentation at pre-set intervals in order to monitor deterioration and / or anomaly over time.

Rent of resistive load banks

With our transportable fleet we are able to cover load tests in any logistic situation for generating sets with a power up to 1,000 kVA three-phase.

Service OffShore

Our technicians have participated in
BOSIET courses and updates, which allow them to work on platforms around the world.

Availability 24/7

We intervene 4 hours * from the call with suitable vehicles equipped for the verification and resolution of the main faults.

*reference time of Northern Italy areas

Dealer Marelli Motori e Baudouin

We supply all necessary spare parts for Marelli Motori and Baudouin engines

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