QHSE Policy

QHSE Policy

Milano Generatori srl, in full compliance with the laws and regulations in force, is committed to carrying out its business responsibly, in a manner that guarantees, at any time, the safety of its workers. Precisely for this reason it was decided to initially adopt a Safety management system inspired by the principles of OHSAS 18001: 2007.

Subsequently, the company, also following the evolution of the markets in which it operates, embarked on the path of integration and implementation with the aim of obtaining the Quality (UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015) and Safety (UNI ISO 45001: 2018).

In this context, the company intends to aim at continuous improvement in performance, in terms of Quality and Safety, involving the responsibilities of its staff. For all this, the Employer undertakes to take an active role in the promotion and guidance of all activities affecting the Quality and Safety of workers, through the dissemination at all levels of the concepts set out here and the verification of the results obtained. through courses and meetings.

The Quality and Safety Policy is suitable for the reduced company nature and the size of the risks in the workplaces of Milano Generatori. The continuous improvement of safety prevention performances is possible thanks to the monitoring of the degree of compliance of the system with the reference standards and laws, as well as the continuous training of workers.

Productivity and cost monitoring, by virtue of the service levels, deemed suitable by customers, become an imperative of the organization, making the analyzes provided competitive, unique, dynamic, professionally performing, in compliance with strategic positioning and long-term profitability.

Addressing the market, Milano Generatori pursues the constant improvement of performance at all levels in terms of Quality and Safety, in order to fully and promptly satisfy the individual needs of each customer, in compliance with the laws and mandatory standards.

The key factors for pursuing these objectives are:
TRUST, which the company must generate and maintain for the development of constructive technical-commercial relationships with customers and suppliers and to motivate the company’s human resources;
TRANSPARENCY, as a constant in the ethical conduct of the business;
TEAM SPIRIT, as a cohesion factor to obtain an efficient and effective overall activity to generate a business culture consistent with the corporate mission;
QUALITY, understood in the most complete sense as an indispensable condition for qualifying the company on the market;
SAFETY, as an essential condition for the protection and health of workers and as an element of guarantee towards customers;
PROFESSIONALITY, as a fundamental element aimed at the knowledge of the subjects dealt with, in order to best satisfy the needs of customers;
CONSTANT UPDATING, to make all the current interventions in the management policy effective;
VERSATILITY, to be applied not only to optimize the offer, but also in the management of resources, in the internal organization and in the approach to the market;
CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT, to continue to guarantee safety and environmental protection.

The Management undertakes to periodically review its Quality and Safety policy to ensure its continued suitability.

The organization plans its processes with a Risk-Based Thinking approach, in order to implement the most suitable actions for:
– Evaluate and treat the risks associated with the processes;
– Exploit and reinforce the opportunities identified.

The organization promotes an adequate sense of proactivity in managing its risks at all levels.
Furthermore, the organization is aware that the involvement of staff and all interested parties, combined with the active participation of all collaborators, are a primary strategic element.

It promotes the development of internal professional skills and the careful selection of external collaborations, in order to acquire competent and motivated human resources.

Daniele Orsini